Ikon-x Laser Tag Equipment
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The Ikon-x laser tag system uses signal receivers, called sensors, to pick up the signal shot from an opposing Ikon-x laser tag rifle. The optimal placement of these sensors is on a player's head. So a player first puts on a clean stretchable cotton headband corresponding to his team's color. For example, members of team 1 all wear blue headbands and members of team 2 all wear white headbands. That's how each player can always know who is on whose team - by headband color.

The sensor domes come with velcro already stuck to the bottom of the domes. So all you need to do is attach the sensor domes to a player's headband by sticking one dome's velcro to the front of the headband and the other to the back. So players hit each other using headshots. For a good explanation of any potential question regarding the use of headbands vs the use of vests, read my post Headband vs Vest For Laser Tag at Lasertagman.com.

Also, since our sensors light up with red LED light, we suggest you NOT buy red headbands. The red light blends in with the red headband color making it difficult to notice when the light is on.

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