Ikon-x Laser Tag Equipment
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Are You A Customer In Need Of Repairs?

Well then, this is the place you want to be. I can fix most issues with your Ikon-x laser tag guns and equipment, but some things you may be able to replace yourself such as speakers, emitters, sensors and batteries.  I have DIY youtube videos (below) on how to change those parts.

Some parts you will need to ship to me for repair. You can either ship the whole gun to me or use the videos below to see how to remove parts and ship those to me (this way saves you money on shipping cost).  After I repair or replace your part I will send you a PayPal invoice via email, including shipping cost, and once payment is made I'll ship out your repairs. I'll send you the tracking number shortly after through email or text.

The following is a list of parts and the price to repair or replace them:

  • Reload button - $6.00
  • Key switch - $10.00
  • Micro switch for the trigger - $10.00
  • Display Screen - $20.00
  • Female or male battery wire - $5.00
  • Complete sensor set - $50.00
  • Complete screen with motherboard circuit (Call it the "faceplate" or "computer") - $80.00
  • Sensor (1 dome replacement) - $13.00
  • Sensor (2 domes replacement) - $26.00
  • Sensor (long cord replacement) - $5.00
  • Sensor (short cord replacement) - $3.00
  • Rechargeable battery - $20.00
  • Magnifying glass or cap - $15.00, $20.00
  • Resistor - $4.00

How To Change An Emitter

How To Change A Speaker

How To Change A Sensor

How To Change A Battery

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